These Are The Only Countries With No Cases Of COVID-19

Nearly five million people have been infected by COVID-19 across the globe, with cases reported in nearly every country - but there are a dozen that have not reported any cases of coronavirus. According to global tracking by Johns Hopkins University, many of those countries are small Pacific island nations. Among them are the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Palau, Nauru, Tuvalu, Tonga, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, Kiribati, and Samoa.

The other two nations on the list are North Korea and Turkmenistan. While North Korea has not reported any cases of COVID-19, they are well known for being secretive. Because of how isolated North Korea is from the rest of the world, it is possible that the virus hasn't made its way there, however, their neighbors, South Korea, claim COVID-19 has indeed gotten into North Korea over the Chinese border, but there is no way to know for sure.

Similarly, Turkmenistan is not forthcoming with statistics having to do with the country so they too have no reported cases, but that doesn't mean people there don't have coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the African country of Lesotho was on the list for a while, however they recently discovered their first case. With Lesotho off the list, every country in Africa now has reported cases.

Photo: Getty Images

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