Dad Lets Son Taste Drinks At Supermarket, Then Puts Them Back On The Shelf

In these times of the coronavirus pandemic, everyone needs to be much more careful with the things they do, to prevent themselves from getting sick. That means social distancing, wearing face masks and being sure to wash hands often. One place to be especially mindful is at the supermarket. Many people are heading out to their local grocery stores, where they might touch items but then decide not to buy them and put them back on the shelves. If you wind up buying those products, simply wiping down them with disinfectant when you get home should take care of any germs. However, what happened at one store is a much bigger deal.

Disturbing video has surfaced online of a man taking down bottles of Gatorade from a shelf, unscrewing the top, giving them to a young boy, likely his son, to taste, then screwing the tops back on and returning them to the shelf. The man and the boy smile throughout the video.

Since the video cuts out, there is no telling if the man was just putting on a show for the camera and wound up buying the drinks, but even if so, he could be in a lot of trouble. Last year, a number of people who filmed themselves opening containers of ice cream at grocery stores, licking them, and returning them to the shelves faced charges, even if they later bought the frozen treat.

It looks like this happened at a Target, which is not mandating face masks for customers, so it could have happened recently. However, since there is no date on the video, it also could have happened before the pandemic. If it is at a Target and is a recent video, as yet, neither they nor Gatorade have commented on the incident.

It's all a reminder to make sure that the products you buy have not been tampered with in any way before you eat them.

Photo: WorldStarHipHop

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