Singles Feel Pressured By Valentine’s Day, Wish It Was Canceled

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, which is great if you’re in a relationship, but for those who aren’t it’s a day they wish they could avoid at all costs. In fact, many singles want it to stop existing all together. 

A new Plenty of Fish survey finds:

·20% of singles wish Valentine’s Day would be canceled.

·43% of singles think Valentine’s Day is the most pressure-filled holiday.

·As for what’s causing singles all that pressure:

o51% feel pressure to be romantic.

o43% feel pressure to be in a relationship.

o42% feel pressure to go on a date.

o36% feel pressure to show others they have a valentine.

·But not all singles hate Valentine’s Day. In fact, 20% are actually excited for it, although men are more likely to be excited than women (21% vs. 17%).

·And many take steps on their dating apps to try and make themselves less single for the holiday.

o37% say they will reply to more messages.

o36% will update their user profiles.

o29% will initiate more conversations. 

The survey also identified four key types of people on Valentine’s Day. They are:

·The Hopeful Romantics (23%) – they prefer to spend the day with a romantic partner.

·The Puppy Lovers (12%) – they prefer to spend Valentine’s with their pets.

·The Forget-ME-Nots (58%) – they are more likely to focus on self care.

·The PALentine (17%)they prefer to spend Valentine’s Day with friends.

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