Kimberly Schlapman Named Baby After Dolly Parton

Kimberly Schlapman's new daughter, Dolly Grace, has a special namesake. The Little Big Town singer says she's been inspired by Dolly Parton her whole life. She added, "My husband is the one who thought of us naming her [Dolly] when we had hoped and prayed for this baby. This was my husband's idea. So, it's perfect. I love it." Schlapman surprised fans last month with the announcement that she and her husband had adopted a baby. Schlapman says her nine-year-old daughter, Daisy, loves being a big sister. She explained, "She's a little mama. She prayed for this baby every night when she said her prayers. She even asked Santa Claus for this baby. That's pretty amazing also. She loves and adores her. She kisses her all the time. She's very happy."


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