Charlie Munson texted me the other day wanting to know the name of the guy who did the "Wrestling Show" on WESC in the early 1980's.  The host was the late Fred Nabors and former wrestler Danny Miller was the Promoter.  Fred would go to the old Greenville Memorial Auditorium and do play by play....or blow by blow of the Main Event that night.  Then, he would bring his tape back to the studios and play it along with interviewing the winners, or at least some of the bigger names on the card that night.  Danny would promote the upcoming events and matches.

The show aired at Midnight and it was not really what you hear today on WESC.  I was lucky enough to be hired while the "Wrestlin' Show" was still on.  Had a chance to meet Andre The Giant, Jimmy Valient, all the new names..... and of course Ric Flair.  (I need to say that Andre The Giant was truly larger than life)

Charlie Munson was thrilled that I remembered that. 

Would love to hear your favorite moments from Mid Atlantic Wrestling at the Greenville Memorial Auditorium.  Post below so your friends can see.