Thompson Square's Kiefer Thompson says he "had no idea there were so many passionate people about snakes."  The country star tells "Taste Of Country" he's "actually had death threats" over a recent Instagram photo showing him standing triumphantly with a rifle in one hand and a dead snake in the other.  But he says he did nothing wrong.  Kiefer explains that he'd stepped outside of a house in Alabama, and "the dogs were freaking out" because "this six-foot-snake was kind of coiled up and snapped at" them.  He says when confronted by a potentially dangerous reptile "you don't send it off to a resort" but "you have to kill the snake."  Thompson adds that it's something he and "everyone else that lives in the country" has done before.

Kiefer says he also created a stir with his weapon, which a lot of people mistakenly thought was an AK-47.   He's setting the record straight on that, explaining it's just a pellet gun, not an assault rifle.