We haven’t heard much from or about Trace Adkins lately, but this appears to be very good news.  The big man is out of rehab, doing well, and he was on stage this week in Nashville!  Here’s the story:




Trace Adkins made his first public appearance since his stint in rehab and the death of his dad on Tuesday's Grand Ole Opry show.  The singer's rep Tiffany Shipp tells Nashville's "Tennessean" Exile's Sonny LeMaire invited Trace to join his group to perform "Kiss You All Over," and Trace thought it was "a great idea."  She adds that Trace "looked like a million bucks," and "was smiling and grinning from ear to ear."  Shipp says he really enjoyed the performance -- and so did the crowd.  She explains that Exile singer J.P. Pennington just told the audience they were bringing out a friend, and the surprised crowd "went crazy" when they found out the "friend" was Trace.

Adkins has had a rough start to the year.  In January an alcohol-fueled altercation with an impersonator ended 12 years of sobriety and prompted him to check into rehab.  He left two weeks into his treatment to be with his ailing father, who passed away last month.  Shipp says Adkins went back to the
Florida facility following his father's death and completed the program.