Now that I'm in wedding planning mode, this is blowing my mind!

Shane & Co, a jewelry company, took some of our favorite movie weddings and figured up how much each would actually cost and, now that we are planning my daughter's wedding, it's kind of scary!

One of my favorite wedding movies is "27 Dresses" with Katherine Heigl and James Marsden. The wedding happens in NYC, so it's gonna cost a little more. 12k for the venue, almost 8k for the ring, 7k for the gown and a little over 1k for the flowers. Keep in mind there is NO mention at all for food, dj, rehearsal dinner, wedding planner etc and the cost comes in at almost 28 THOUSAND dollars!! I need to sit down...

Another movie I love is Bride wars and because Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway are totes spoiled in this movie, the Plaza and the Vera Wang dress rings up to over 84K!

Bridesmaids wedding would cost $85, 220; Love Actually's wedding is the cheapest at $15, 644 and, by far, the MOST expensive is Carrie and "Big's" wedding that, just for the venue, it would cost 60K, the total is $159,700.

Anyone have any Tums??

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