We'll be watching the sky more in 2020!

The first of 13 full moons that happen this year happens this Friday! I have this great app, because I am a bit of an astronomy buff, called SkyView. The $1.99 version of the app is really all you need, but it's spellbinding. You just point it anywhere and it lays out what planet, stars, and constellations you're looking at, but it also shows space debris like satellites, rocket boosters and more.

Not only will we have 13 full moons, but there will be 2 Super Moons, a blue moon and even a solar eclipse the day after Christmas! Here is the full story! https://www.wyff4.com/article/13-full-moons-2-supermoons-and-a-blue-moon-are-expected-in-2020/30420870

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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