Kylie Jenner Infuriates me!

As good as I hear her makeup is (I've only ever bought her lipstick for my daugher) I vow to NEVER spend another dime with her line. I don't care if one day she sells the oxygen I breathe, I vow to just slip away with a smile on my face.

Ok, let me back up. It's just been reported that Kylie, the world's youngest self-made billionaire has been gluing parts of $100 bills to her nails and then having them clear-coated. $100 bills. Let's think about that. $100.

According to the American cancer society, $100 could provide gas cards to patients to get to and from treatment. It could provide a bra and other personal items for a person who has just undergone a mastectomy AND $100 could provide a wig to a patient who has lost their hair due to treatment.

What else? $100 could provide 15-20 meals for the elderly/shut in through Meals on Wheels, medication for the elderly, and $100 vaccinates, feeds, and cares for a shelter dog or cat for a week.

Instead, Ms. Jenner has decided to show what little respect she has for money, and more importantly, her fellow man by using $100 bills as body decoration. Look, at the end of the day, it is her money. She can spend it any way she wishes to. That said, I can choose to not let her have my money for nail art.

Do you agree or do you think it's her money and she can do what she wants with it? Lemme know! I truly respect your opinion EVEN if it's completely different than my own!



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