No Free School Lunch If Your Kid Gets Bad Grades

As a child who was on free, and sometimes reduced lunch, this story infuriates me. This is not even just a child by child basis (which is also wrong), but the school would suffer as a whole. Senator Alan Clark of Garland County, Arkansas says, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” In many school districts that statement is false, as many districts generously provide free or reduced lunches to students in need. Students don’t need to earn their lunch; it is provided simply because the student needs it; there are no strings attached. Senator Alan Clark has recently proposed a bill that dangles the “incentive” of a reduced lunch like a worm on a fish hook before hungry students. Clark’s proposition is to reduce a district’s National School Lunch Funding if the school’s literacy (reading) rates are lackluster. In it’s simplest terms, the bill implies: No reading, no EATING. If those reading scores start slipping — better eat a hearty breakfast, kids, because lunch is on hiatus.

Instead, what I propose, is that Senator Clark takes a pay cut to fund those lunches OR he could donate his time and read to and tutor the students that are falling behind. Whatch'a think, Clarkie?

Here is the full story:

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