Man who bought all the Girl Scout Cookies Arrested!

I was sooo sad to hear this last night! Let's back up...over the weekend the we heard the story of a very generous man who saw a couple of girls selling Girl Scout Cookies outside of a Bi-Lo in Mauldin. It was freezing that day so to get them out of the cold he bought all their cookies. Such a great story, right? It was :( New broke last night that this man, Detric Lee McGowan, was picked up on drug charges yesterday in Greenwood. According to the indictment, he is charged with conspiracy to distribute heroin, cocaine and fentanyl among other charges. All that said, I still think he was trying to do a good thing and help the girls and we shouldn't forget that part of the story.

Here is the full story from the Greenville News:

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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