A Star Fell off the stage and Audrey Hepburn's diamond!

Lady Gaga looked fantastic! Did you see the diamond? The diamond was hanging from a diamond studded necklace. It is worth $30 million and was last worn by Audrey Hepburn in 1961 while promoting ''Breakfast at Tiffany's.'' It was stunning. It looked like a yellow diamond, but I'm not sure. Then, did you hear that one of the stars fell off the stage? Rami Malek was said to have fallen off the stage at the end of the night and paramedics were called to take care of him. Here is that full story from People magazine: https://people.com/movies/oscars-2019-rami-malek-fell-off-stage/

Michael B Jordan took his mama to the Oscars and even tweeted out he might have to fight somebody because she was looking so pretty :) #swoon.

This was the most talked about look of the night. A tuxedoish ball game worn by Billy Porter. One of my favorites from last night was JLO. Girl will be 50 this year. WHAT?! I also loved Regina King, Brie Larson, Lady Gaga, Helen Mirren, Angela Bassett and Kelly Ripa. The worst? I did not like Charlize Theron (although the back was kickin') or Rachel Weisz (fruit roll up anyone?) and Kasey Musgraves. No..... Here are all the fashions from last night's Oscars: https://my1025.iheart.com/content/2019-02-24-2019-oscars-red-carpet-arrivals/



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