When did you do this in front of your honey?

It takes a new couple seven and a half months for a relationship to reach ‘the comfort zone’ — according to new research. The study found that the biggest signs you’ve entered the comfort zone are allowing your significant other to take care of you when you’re sick, not wearing make-up and not shaving your legs or face. According to the research, it takes an average of seven months for couples to have their first talk about marriage/kids and about six months to introduce a significant other to their parents.

… The research also found that it takes eight months to share a Netflix/Hulu account, which is, amusingly, three months longer than it takes the average couple to shower at their significant other’s house.

… Top 10 things couples are most comfortable doing in front of each other

  1. Letting their partner see them/take care of them when they’re ill (73 percent)
  2. Not wearing make-up (63 percent)
  3. Crying (63 percent)
  4. Snoring in their sleep (60 percent)
  5. Showering at their place (59 percent)
  6. Leaving the door open while using the bathroom (56 percent)
  7. Not shaving (55 percent)
  8. Being naked around the house (55 percent)
  9. Sleeping in a hair wrap or bonnet (40 percent)
  10. Wearing a retainer to bed (34 percent)

And the question of passing gas in front of your honey? It looks like it may be the key to a lasting relationship. Ha! http://www.culturehook.com/296-1/according-to-this-study-farting-in-front-of-your-partner-is-the-key-to-everlasting-love/

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