See the latest Captain Marvel Trailer here!

I'm geeking out over this trailer, y'all! Captain Marvel is almost here! March 8th it's in theatres. Oh, you're not familiar with Captain Marvel. That's cool. It gives me a chance to bestow some knowledge on ya! Carol Danvers was a pilot with the Air Force, but, (and I don't want to spoil to much of the movie), she was accidentally transformed into the greatest Super hero in the Universe. Her powers are, among others, said to be: Flight, Energy Blasts, Superhuman Durability and Superhuman Strength, Precognition, Cosmic Awareness, she can generate heat, light and radiation, she can survive in space, she's immune to disease, she can teleport and she can even cast illusions. She's pretty bad, right?? Here's the latest trailer. Like most Marvel movies, it's quick, funny and a whole lot of fun!