Garth Reminisces About Meeting Trisha, And Dolly’s Husband Is Real

Kent Blazy, who wrote such Garth Brooks songs as “If Tomorrow Never Comes” and “Ain’t Going Down (Til The Sun Comes Up),” was announced as one of this year’s inductees into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. Well, to celebrate the good news, Garth had Kent on “Inside Studio G” last night where they talked about the honor and did some reminiscing.

In talking about Kent’s induction, Garth noted “the world is now complete,” adding, “when they say good guys finish last…not today,” calling Kent one of the “best guys on the planet.” 

Kent was actually the guy who introduced Garth to Trisha Yearwood, and they discussed how it happened on the episode, noting that the first thing Garth noticed when he saw Trisha was how “stunningly natural beautiful she is.”

Kent added that of all the background singers he had worked with, Garth and Trisha were his favorites and he just felt “you know I gotta get these two together,” and added that he immediately felt the chemistry in the room when they finally met.

Meanwhile, Dolly Parton has again had to say publically that her husband is real!Dolly and her husband Carl Dean have been married for 54 years, and while you rarely see Dolly with Carl, she insists he does actually exist. Apparently there are folks out there who actually believe that Carl is imaginary, but, in case you missed it, Dolly tells “Entertainment Tonight” that’s just not true. 

"A lot of people have thought that through the years, because he does not want to be in the spotlight at all," Dolly shares. "It's just not who he is.” She adds, “He's like, a quiet, reserved person and he figured if he ever got out there in that, he'd never get a minute’s peace and he's right about that." 

Dolly notes, “I've always respected and appreciated that in him and I've always tried to keep him out of the limelight as much as I can," adding, "He said, 'I didn't choose this world, I chose you, and you chose that world. But we can keep our lives separate and together.' And we do and we have. We've been together 56 years, married 54."

Photo Credit: Getty Images