Most Of Us Are Planning Some Sort Of Trip Before End Of Year

The coronavirus has basically kept a lot of Americans from traveling, but a new survey reveals that some are cautiously optimistic that may change soon. 

A new AAA survey finds:

·67% of Americans are planning some sort of vacation before the end of the year.

·20% of those who are haven’t booked that trip yet, and plan to wait til they are within a week of traveling.

·80% of those planning to travel will be taking a road trip, with most likely going to destinations known for outdoor recreation and socially distanced fun.

·Among the top road trip destinations:

1.Denver, CO

2.Las Vegas, NV

3.Los Angeles, CA

4.San Diego, CA

5.Seattle, WA

6.Keystone, SD

7.Portland, OR

8.Phoenix, AZ

9.Colorado Springs, CO

10.Myrtle Beach, SC

Meanwhile, a survey conducted by the Travel Leaders Group and World Travel and Tourism council suggests folks are waiting until 2021 for vacations.

According to that poll

·70% of U.S. and Canadian travelers are holding off until 2021 for their next vacation.

·45% of those people have already booked their trip, while 54% are thinking about it.

·Top destinations for 2021 include:

·Europe (38%)

·The Caribbean (34%)

·Mexico (15%)

Photo Credit: Getty Images