Teachers Caught Bad Mouthing Students After Forgetting To Log Out

Lesson number one in a post-pandemic teaching environment: If you're going to talk smack about your students, make sure you log out of the virtual class first!

A couple of teachers from Bethel High in Vallejo, California were placed on leave after the district says it received a complaint that the teachers were caught "speaking negatively" about students. Apparently not realizing they were still logged on to a virtual classroom, one of the teachers called her students "technologically illiterate," to which another replied, "Older staff members will say these kids are so technologically advanced ...and I'm like no, they're (bleep!) not." The first teacher can then be heard saying, "The things that impress them are so sad. Oh, you're impressed that a kid can record a TikTok?... It's literally one button."

Apparently, some of the students are technologically literate because they finally posted in the comments: "Do you know you're still being recorded?" DOH! One parent actually filmed the conversation and posted it on Facebook. 

The school district is investigating and issued a statement which read: "VCUSD takes all students and parent complaints very seriously. We will evaluate our policies and procedures for online instruction, and will address any specific complaints regarding the appropriate conduct of our faculty and staff."

Photo Credit: Getty Images