Most People Don’t Spend Lunch Break Eating Lunch

Everyone needs a break in their day, but it seems while most folks do get a lunch break at the office, not many are using that break to actually eat lunch. 

A new UK survey, which could easily translate here, finds:

·Only 20% of workers actually use their lunch break to eat lunch.

·79% of folks admit they actually eat their food while they work so they have time to do other things during their break.

·The most common things people use their lunch break to do include:

-Go for a walk

-Go on social media

-Do personal admin

-Read a book

-Read the news/newspaper

-Listen to music

-Play on apps on their phone

-Cook lunch/make lunch

-Catch up with family/friends

-Go shopping

But it seems those people using their break to do other things are lucky.

·In fact, 67% of people actually skip their midday meal, with most people only being able to take a real break three days a week.

·46% of people say they are just too busy at work to take a break.

·What’s more, 13% of people say their workplace culture makes them feel like they shouldn’t take one.

·Plus, 10% say they feel guilty taking some time in the day for themselves.

·And then there are 15% who simply forget to take their lunch break.

·Another 37% say they don’t bother because they don’t know what they’d do with their time. 

·43% of people usually spend their break time at their desk.

·70% wind up checking work emails or taking calls during their break.

·The average worker is allowed a 40-minute break, but most are only taking a third of the time. 

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