Georgia Inmates Save Guards Life Who Passed Out And Split His Head Open

Three Georgia inmates are being called heroes after they did all they could do to help a deputy who had a cardiac incident while on his shift.

Deputy Warren Hobbs was sitting in his chair when these inmates noticed something wasn't right. At first, they thought he was sleeping but then noticed how strange he was acting. Hobbs ended up passing out and hitting his head on the floor. He lost consciousness and the inmates began making as much noise as they could in order to wake Hobbs up and keep him conscious. It worked, the deputy, who doesn't remember anything, ended up opening the cell doors to these three inmates. They ended up calling for help on his radio.

Help arrived within seconds and took over. The inmates spend 12 hours a day with one single deputy, so they develop relationships with them. The three inmates all say this wasn’t about an inmate helping a deputy. It was just one person helping another who was having a serious medical emergency. The deputy is home recovering.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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