Americans Share Their Opinions On What Makes The “Perfect Steak”

While the July 4th holiday may look a little different this year, that doesn’t mean folks are going to be sitting at home doing nothing. Many still plan to enjoy the holiday with a barbecue, and for a lot of folks, that means steak. ​

A new survey finds:​

·    30% of Americans are planning a barbecue for the Fourth of July.​

·    In fact, of the 49% of people who plan a traditional cookout each summer, 63% of plan to have it on July 4th.​

·    As for what they’ll be serving at that bbq, meat is the top choice to grill (37%), with the top meat choices including:​

  T-bone cut (16%)​

  Porterhouse (11%)​

  Ribeye (10%)​

  Filet mignon (10%)​

And it isn’t just the type of meet people are particular about. Other components to the perfect steak include:​

·    Cooked well-done (21%), medium-well (20%) or medium (16%)​

·    Topped with salt and pepper (43%)​

·    Cooked on a grill (57%)​

·    Wet marinade when grilling (44%)​

·    Paired with a baked potato (46%)​

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