The Safest Kind Of Summer Travel Activity In The Coronavirus Age Is...

Joseph Khabbaza, a pulmonary and critical care physician at the Cleveland Clinic is letting us know which travel activities pose the most and least coronavirus risk

Air travel and trains are the most risky, but are still better than when the coronavirus crisis started

Hotels should be pretty safe, as well as road trips, as long as you take precautions, with camping one of the safest activities

Source: USA Today

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Now that it’s summer, most folks, especially parents, will be dying for a little vacation, but is it really safe to go away with the coronavirus still out there? Well, the truth is, some travel activites are safer than others, and now Joseph Khabbaza, a pulmonary and critical care physician at the Cleveland Clinic, is letting us know which ones are better than others.

Here are the risks for the most popular travel activities:

Air Travel - Khabbaza notes that flying has the most potential for exposure to the coronavirus, simply because of how planes are configured. He does add though that it is safer now than it was at the beginning of the crisis. He adds that spacing and sanitizing is important, as well as wearing facemasks.

Trains – Trains have much the same issues as air travel, especially since distancing isn’t always possible.

Cruise Ships – Khabbaza says that while cruise ships were original hot spots, the risk will be lower once ships start sailing again because of the precautions that are being taken, including the elimination of buffets. He also notes that passengers will likely be safe in their rooms, and the ships do offer enough space for social distancing.

Theme Parks – Khabbaza believes the biggest risk for theme parks is the travel it will take to get to them. Parks will likely be one of the safer activities this summer, because of the changes that are being made, including social distancing and making mask-wearing mandatory.

Road Trips – While they may seem safe, Khabbaza notes folks still need to take precautions every time they step out of a car, whether it’s for food, a rest break or to get gas.

Hotels – While most hotels have increased their disinfecting procedures, and are introducing contactless check-in and check-out, Khabbaza suggests bringing your own disinfectant wipes to wipe down surfaces in the room. He does believe that coronavirus risk is very low though.

Camping – Khabbaza says camping is actually one of the safest activities because it’s outdoors, and folks will likely stay with their own families.

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