Hundreds Of Neighbors Give Five-Year-Old Bday Parade After Party Cancelled

Lots of people are disappointed by events in their lives being cancelled and being stuck at home because of the coronavirus, but imagine being a kid and not getting to have your birthday party. That’s what happened to Olivia Grace Williamson, who just turned five, and was upset she didn’t get her party. So her mom, Jennifer, came up with a creative celebration that people could enjoy while practicing social distancing.

The mom reached out to friends and neighbors on the Elgin, Illinois community Facebook page, asking them to drive by their house between 11 and 11:30am and encouraging them to call out their windows and honk for the birthday girl. People were happy to help and about 200 of them drove by in a birthday “parade” for Olivia Grace, waving posters and balloons and cheering.

After the drive-by celebration, the mom says her daughter was smiling the whole day. She called the parade “social distancing at its finest” and said she’s “beyond grateful” to those who participated.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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