Fun With #LastTextToTheEx

This time of year, people are thinking of the things they’re grateful for in their lives and for some, it’s no longer being with their former partner anymore. There’s a new hashtag going around Twitter that has people sharing what they said in the last text they sent to their ex and some of the answers are pretty entertaining.

Here are some of our favorite responses to #LastTextToTheEx:

·“Bye, Felicia”


·“Everything you own is in the box to the left”

·“Get tested”

·“Who dis?”

·“Truth hurts, needed something more exciting”

·“I never liked your mom”

·“I already closed the account”

·“I’m taking the dog”

·“Send me your sister’s contact info”

·“You’ll be back”

·“We were on a break”

·“Pick up some milk on your way home...oh and stop at the post office and pick up a change of address card”

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