Chocolate Chip Cookies Will Be First Food Baked In Space

A spaceship headed to the International Space Station launched with some very special cargo: a Zero-G Oven, DoubleTree Cookie Dough, and DoubleTree cookies. Until this experiment, food has never been baked in space and astronauts eat pre-packaged “space food,” but that’s all about to change.

According to NASA, the oven was “designed for microgravity aboard the International Space Station” and it could result in “psychological and physiological benefits” for crew members “eating flavorful cooked meals.” And let’s be honest, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies are about as good as it gets, so it’s a perfect food to start with since their mission is to make space travel “more hospitable.”

Unfortunately, the oven is still in the testing stage, so the astronauts can’t eat the cookies this time around, but DoubleTree understands how tempting they will be, so they’re sending along some pre-made cookies for them to enjoy until they can snack on the ones fresh from the oven in the future.