Ex-Con Wants to Go Back to Prison So He Can Watch Cable TV Channel for Free

A French burglar intentionally left traces of DNA all over the crime scene just so he would end up in prison and watch encrypted TV channel Canal+ for free.

A monthly subscription to French premium television channel Canal+ costs around 10 euros ($11), but inmates in French prisons can apparently watch it for free, which was apparently a good enough reason for an ex-con to commit a crime and get himself caught. Over the course of the summer, the unnamed 25-year-old man committed a series of burglaries in the Toulouse suburb of Colomiers, but there was something about his modus operandi that left investigators scratching their heads. He left traces of saliva over the crime scenes, as if he wanted his DNA to be identified.

It turns out that the policemen’s suspicions were right, as the criminal admitted that he had spit all over the homes he had broken into hoping that the police would check for DNA. On September 2nd, during a hearing before the Criminal Court, the burglar loudly proclaimed that he wanted to go back to prison so he could watch Canal+, which shocked even his lawyer.

“People who say that they prefer prison to the street are quite common, but this is probably the first time I’ve defended a client who wants to go to jail to watch adult programs,” Delphine Reynaud-Aymard, the defendant’s lawyer, told Toulouse News.

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