Teen’s Junk Food Diet Caused Him To Go Blind

We know junk food is far from healthy, but eating it all the time may be even worse than we thought. A picky teen in the U.K. admits he wouldn’t eat anything except highly processed foods like French fries and after years of it, he lost his sight. According to a case study published this week, his diet caused him to go blind.

When he was 14 he went to the doctor complaining of being tired and he was diagnosed with anemia and B vitamin deficiency. A year later, he started losing hearing and then started having trouble seeing, researchers report. Now he’s 17 and doctors say his vision loss is permanent. They found he has extremely low levels of vitamins B, D, and other nutrients.

Now when we say he had a limited diet, we mean all this kid ate was fries, chips, white bread, processed ham and sausage and he says he had been eating that way since elementary school. His blindness was caused by a condition called nutritional optic neuropathy, which is rare in developed countries and can be treated if it’s caught early and the person starts eating the right nutrients. But after the optic nerves are damaged, like in this case, they can’t be repaired.

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