Boost Love Life And Mental Wellbeing With … Fishing

Some singles use Plenty of Fish online dating site to find a boo, but others are having better luck while literally going out with a fishing rod. Heather Law says if it wasn’t for her fishing hobby, she may never have met her partner.

She uses Fishbrain, which has been dubbed “the Instagram for fishing” and while scrolling through the social networking site that lets those into fishing post info about the fish they catch, where they caught them, and the bait they used to do it, she saw an angler named Metalhead Fred and thought he had a great beard. Then she was fishing and recognized that beard and decided to send him a message on Fishbrain and their shared love of the hobby brought the happy couple together.

Now fishing may not sound like a romantic first date idea, but it definitely can be. Law says being out “on the lake with the sounds of nature and being with someone you care about makes it so special.” It’s also a good way to get to know someone and learn about their level of patience and how well they handle frustration. And sharing a passion for fishing with each other means you when you get excited about landing that good catch, they get it.

  • Research has shown that being in nature can improve mood and memory and there’s evidence it can reduce blood pressure and decrease the risk of certain cancers.So being out on the water doing something you love with someone you’re really into isn’t just fun, it’s good for your health too. Law says, “I like to think that it was the universe and Fishbrain bringing us together.” And if you’re into fishing, that could be you, too.

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