Lies You've Probably Told Your Kid

All moms and dads are a little different, but there are some common threads in parenting. Spend any time on social media and you’ll discover that one of the universal parenting moves seems to be lying to your kids. There are all kinds of reasons for stretching the truth or flat-out fibbing, but chances are, you’ve told your kids one of these common lies before.

  • We have eyes in the back of our heads - We heard it from the grown-ups in our lives when we were little and back then, it made sense as the only explanation for how they knew we were up to something.
  • This food is too hot for you, Baby! - Kids will ask for everything and take it, if you’ll let them. So plenty of parents have told a little one their food was too spicy or too hot for them, just to keep it to themselves.
  • If you go outside with wet hair, you’ll catch a cold - Adults told us this as kids and many moms and dads are still telling it to their kids, even though it’s just not true.
  • If you turn on a light in the car at night, BAD things happen - Aside from distracting the driver, we’re not sure what the problem would be, but we’re still not willing to do it to this day.
  • Watching too much TV will damage your eyesight - Why were grown-ups always trying to get us to move back from the TV as children? And why are we still trying to get our kids to do it today?
  • Swallowing gum = Seven years of digestion - This lie is so ingrained with us, we still sort of believe it, even though we know it’s been debunked.
  • You can do whatever you want when you’re older - If adults told you that you could do anything you wanted when you were out of their house and paying your own bills, join the club. It wasn’t until we were grown up that we found out adulthood isn’t all fun all the time, thanks to responsibilities and bills.
  • If you keep rolling your eyes, they’ll stay that way - This is a classic parenting lie and it’s still going strong today, just like eye rolling.
  • Swimming after eating causes cramps - So many hours spent waiting for food to digest so we could hop back into the pool and for what? Nothing will happen if you swim after eating and the adults knew it, but made us wait anyway. And parents today are passing down the lie to their kids, but we’re still not sure why.

Charlie Munson

Charlie Munson

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