Mom’s “Challenge” To Teach Family To Clean Up Fails

Busy mom of three, Miranda Crimbring, is tired of being the only one in her house to clean up messes. If you have kids, you can probably relate. We feel like we constantly tell the kiddos to clean up after themselves, but most of the time it doesn’t seem to help. So this mom decided to stop asking and came up with a clever way to teach her kids and her husband a lesson about picking up.

Crimbring calls it the “Who will pick up the random piece of trash that they KNOW isn’t supposed to be there” challenge and she’s shared it on Facebook, where it’s gone viral. She simply put a small piece of paper on the middle of her bathroom floor and waited to see who would clean it up first. And to reward the do-gooder, she hid $5 underneath it.

This bathroom is a high-traffic area in her house and three days after all three kids and her hubby have been in there multiple times, no one has yet to pick up the paper. Crimbring finally let her husband in on the challenge and he tried to play it off, telling her, “I left it in there on purpose because I knew you were trying to prove a point to the kids.” Nice try, buddy.

The clock is still ticking on her easy money challenge, the piece of paper is still on the floor, with the cash underneath after four days. "My husband and I haven’t really decided how long we’ll let it go," Crimbring says. "Honestly, I think we both thought one of the kids would pick it up by now."

Charlie Munson

Charlie Munson

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