Jimmie Johnson Hopes To Run Boston Marathon In Under 3 Hours

Jimmie Johnson may have been driving around at hundreds of miles an hour in a car for so long that he has forgotten that traveling by foot is much slower.How else do you explain his lofty goal for his next race—the Boston Marathon.

And not only does the seven-time Cup Series champion plan to run the grueling, 26.2-mile marathon on April 15, just two days after the NASCAR race at Richmond Raceway

He plans to do it in less than three hours.

"As long as I stay healthy and I can keep that (training) volume up, I think I'll have the kind of day I want to have," Johnson said.

To his credit, the 43-year-old Johnson is an avid cyclist and fitness buff and—while he has never attempted a marathon—he says he has run 22 miles once and has run 20 miles every Monday for the past five weeks.Johnson has been eyeing the race since 2013 but it wasn’t until this year that NASCAR's schedule changed allowing him the opportunity.And Johnson has seized it. He has already started training running 70 miles a week and hopes to extend that to 90 to 100 miles a week by late March.

Johnson spent Tuesday "treating my body like it was a race car, what lubricants it needs, what fuel it needs and all the particulars that go with it. I feel like I have a good plan coming together. As long as I stay healthy."

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