Davidson Won't Retire Steph Curry's Jersey Until He Graduates

Golden State Warriors all-star Steph Curry is by far the most famous student to ever play basketball at Davidson College in North Carolina. Curry is legendary for his career at Davis, where he was a consensus 1st Team All-American and lead the school to 2008 Elite Eight appearance in the NCAA Tournament.

But despite this notoriety, the school has yet to retire his jersey—because he is not one of the most famous graduates of Davidson College.  Turns out Curry was able to score everything there but a diploma and for that reason they are refusing to retire his jersey until he does just that.

Davidson has a rule that it only retires jerseys of athletes if they graduate. Since Curry left in 2009 after his junior year to enter the NBA, he has still not been able to achieve that goal. Curry has frequently gone back to Davidson, even helping to open the basketball team's new practice facility. But he has yet to finish his degree and thus his jersey will remain unretired.

Curry's college coach Bob McKillop said he believes Curry is in the process of completing his degree. During his time at Davidson, his major was listed as sociology, but it's unclear if that is still his major. In Curry’s defense, there have been obstacles to hinder his process—like the fact that Davidson does not offer classes in the summer.

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