Most People Don’t Trust Internet-Connected Devices

These days we’re constantly inputting a lot of personal information into websites, devices and apps for all sorts of reasons, and it seems a lot of us are worried about that info staying safe, especially when it comes to so-called “smart” devices, like TVs, smart speakers, and even cars.

According to a new survey by Blackberry, 80% of folks in the US, UK and Canada do not trust Internet-connected devices to keep their data secure and private. In fact, people are so concerned, that most say that for future purchases they are likely to pick a company that has a good reputation for data security and privacy. Not that it’s easy to know which companies have a good reputation, which is why folks would love to see a “seal” or “stamp” of approval for such trusted companies.

Folks are so concerned about online security that 58% say they’d even be willing to pay more for Internet-connected products if they knew their data was secure. As for how much they’d be willing to pay, most people said 10% or less, although 10% were willing to pay 20%.

 But even though people are concerned, it seems most folks are still pretty careless when it comes to their online security. It seem 26% of people admit they aren’t restrictive about what data they allow their devices to access, with 17% saying they don’t know how to restrict such data. What’s more, 36% of people say they don’t know what security certifications to look for when purchasing an Internet-connected device. 

Charlie Munson

Charlie Munson

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