Things You Don’t See In Movies Anymore

If there’s one way to tell how society has changed, it’s by watching movies. Take the rise of cell phones, for example – when’s the last time you saw a girl twirling a landline cord between her fingers on the big screen?

Reddit users have been posting on a thread answering the question, “What used to be extra common in movies that you just don’t see anymore?” Here are some of the best responses:

 User Tres Chill points out how rom-coms play out differently now that cell phones are a thing. “More generally speaking, the advent of cellphones has eliminated thousands of plot devices from the past,” the user writes. “Usually involving simple misunderstandings, or missing each other by just 30 seconds, etc.” 

Another user is missing on-screen airport romances, writing, “intercepting loved ones at the airplane gate.” But one user in the comments points out, “no one wants to see the romantic lead get tazed or shot running to the gate.” 

User Sofing Clever points out a change that is probably for the better, citing movies like “Dazed and Confused” and “Mighty Ducks.” “Drunk driving,” the user writes. “A lot of time it obviously went on and just wasn’t mentioned.” 

Sed2017 has another loss that is good for the kiddies, “people smoking who aren’t villains.” User Alistairio has noticed a change in “hobo” humor. “I miss when something unusual happens and a hobo on the street who has witnessed it looks at his bottle of booze and then rubs his eyes,” the user writes.

Charlie Munson

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