Sleep-Texting Is Becoming A Problem

We all know these days it’s hard for people to be separated from their phones, and apparently it’s gotten so bad that some people are actually using them even when they are sleeping.

A new report out of Villanova University finds that sleep-texting has become a growing problem. Just how bad is it? Well, in a survey of 373 students, nearly a quarter admitted they’ve sent texts in their sleep, with 72% not remembering what they texted the next morning.

And sleep-texts can cover a variety of things. A 26-year-old named Aaron Watson tells the "New York Post" he once closed a million dollar business deal in his sleep, and didn’t even remember it when he woke up. Meanwhile, 23-year-old Madeleine Hamingson said she would sleep-text her boyfriend, noting they were usually nonsense about pets. She adds, “it feels like drunk texting.”

Although these sleep texts are usually harmless, they can bleed over to other areas that could be a problem, even a costly one. For example, one sleep-texter Zach Edminster, started sleep-shopping. “I spent $90 on a collectible coin with King Tut on it,” says Edminster. “[I’ve had to] use the eBay bid-retraction thing a lot.”

 So, what can folks do about the problem? Well, there’s always the option to keep their phone away from them when they sleep, but if that’s not possible, experts suggest putting your phone in airplane mode. Another extreme is to put socks on your hands to keep you from physically being able to text.

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