Your Phone is Seven Times Dirtier Than Your Toilet

Toilet seats are far cleaner than the average mobile phone a shocking new study has revealed. Initial Washroom Hygiene took swab samples from smartphones and found the average device is nearly seven times dirtier than a toilet seat.  Those clad in leather cases harbored the most bacteria and even phones in easier-to-clean plastic cases have more than six times the germs found on toilet seats, the Mail Online reports.

Initial Washroom Hygiene took swabs using a handheld device which highlights live microbes on the surface.  While swabs from toilets showed bacteria on around 220 areas around the seat, the average mobile phone boasted a disgusting 1,479 such spots.  Experts have warned that mobile phones become filthy because people take them into the bathroom.

Swabs were taken from an iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy 8 and Google Pixel to test for the levels of aerobic bacteria, yeast and mold.  The phones’ screens had the highest levels of bacteria, with 100 colony forming units (CFU) per square centimeter for the Samsung Galaxy, 40 CFU for the iPhone, and 12 CFU for the Google Pixel.

Other heavily affected areas for the phones include the back of the handset, the lock button and the home button.

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