Steakhouse Diners Troll Vegan Protesters By Mooing

Vegan protesters recently stormed a steakhouse in Brighton, England, holding up signs, playing recordings of cows being slaughtered, and chanting, “it’s not food, it’s violence.” As some customers continued to eat even with all the noise, others decided to stage their own protest in response.

One of the activists from Direct Action Everywhere started reading a speech urging people to stop eating meat. But she was soon drowned out by the sound of diners mooing. One customer in particular, an unnamed man dressed up as an Oompa Loompa from “Willy Wonka,” reportedly jumped onto the table and started the chant, “stand up if you love meat.” This account comes from one customer, Dan Holmes, whose friend David Elvin had apparently been handcuffed to the Oompa Loompa-dressed man earlier that night.

“Next thing our Oompa Loompa jumped up on the table and started shouting it at the top of his voice – that was the cue for everyone else in the restaurant to join in,” he recalls. “The manager was so grateful for our support he bought us a round of drinks.”

Charlie Munson

Charlie Munson

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