Firefighters Discover Alarm Was a Parrot's Imitation

A British fire department said firefighters rushed to the scene of a fire alarm only to discover the culprit was actually a parrot mimicking an alarm noise.

Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service said an alarm monitoring service called a homeowner in the Windsor Close area of Daventry, England, Wednesday when a fire alarm was triggered at the house.  The resident told the service that there was no fire at the residence, but the operator heard an alarm continuing to sound in the background of the call and dispatched firefighters to investigate.  The firefighters arrived to discover the sound heard by the operator had actually been a parrot mimicking the sound of the alarm.

"It certainly made the crew smile and although it was a false alarm because there was no actual fire, we were thankful that the householder -- and of his two parrots Jazz and Kiki -- were safe," Watch Commander Norman James said.

Homeowner Steve Dockerty, 63, said African grey parrot Jazz was to blame for the alarm sounds. He said he adopted the 17-year-old bird to be a companion for Kiki about a year ago and he quickly discovered the parrot had talents.  "He likes to imitate things. He imitated the smoke alarm so well that they called the fire brigade," Dockerty said. "All the while, Jazz was sitting in his cage laughing his socks offs."

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