An Oreo Dunking Kit So You Don't Get Your Fingers In The Milk

Anyone that has sat down with a glass of milk and a stack of Oreos knows the woes of dunking. Just when you get your Oreo soaked enough to your liking, it inevitably crumbles from your fingers and sinks in a chocolaty mush at the bottom of your glass. Not to mention, your fingers end up covered in milk! Frankford Candy has created a solution to our dipping debacles. The Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set comes with everything you need for a perfect Oreo and milk experience.

The set, per Walmart's website, comes with 13 Oreo cookies and two glass mugs. Here's where things get innovative. The set also comes with two cookie cages for you to stack your Oreos, attached to the glass mug. The game changer here is the two cookie tongs that the set includes. The tongs ensure that you can firmly grasp your Oreo, keep it dunked in the milk for your preferred amount of time, and then take it back out without even touching the milk with your fingers! Pure genius, right? The set comes with two napkins, as well, because cookies and milk can obviously get a little messy.

The dunking kits cost $17.98

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