Tourist Admits Faking Amnesia To Avoid “Nagging” Mother-In-Law

Salvatore Mannino mysteriously fled his home in Italy, leaving almost $12,000 in a locked briefcase for his son to find. He was later found by police in a chapel in Edinburgh, Scotland, claiming that he had “no memory,” not even his own name. But it turns out it was all a lie… to avoid his annoying mother-in-law.

Suspicion first arose after Italian police found searches for “how to disappear” and “how to fake memory loss” on the tourist's computer. He was eventually identified by his tattoos, and his wife Francesca flew to Britain along with their kids. He reportedly denied knowing them, but when he was brought to the hospital the doctors reported no problems.

Later, he finally broke, admitting that he faked his amnesia to “get away from my nagging mother-in-law.” He’s since been charged with abandonment.

“I never lost my memory, I wanted to show my family I was important to them,” he reportedly told police. “I wanted to regain my position as a husband and father as I felt my mother-in-law had taken that from me.”

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