Dog Begs Outside McDonald’s Pretending To Be Stray

Betsy Reyes, a dog owner from Oklahoma City, is shaming her pooch for coming up with a devious plan to get McDonald’s customers to feed her. In a couple of posts to Facebook that have since gone viral, she claims her dog Princess keeps sneaking out of the house at night to beg outside of the fast food restaurant.

“If you see my dog [at] the McDonald’s, quit feeding her because she don’t know how to act and leaving the house all the time to go walking to McDonald’s at night,” Reyes wrote. “She’s not even a stray dog.”

With videos and photos to prove it, Reyes catches her “gold digger” pup acting like a stray in the parking lot to get sympathetic customers to feed her hamburgers. It looks like the dog’s sneaky plan works, too. In one of the videos, a woman can be seen reaching out of her car window to give the puppy-eyed dog some food.

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