Woman Creates Dating Exit Survey For Her Exes

How many times have you gone out with someone and thought things went well, only to never hear from them again? It’s happened to lots of us and wouldn’t it be so much better to get feedback from your date to see what went wrong? Well, one Georgetown University student thought so and she has started sending a standardized “exit survey” to everyone she dates. For real.

Katie Miller is the 21-year-old single who came up with the survey after being ghosted “yet again.” So in an effort to prevent that from happening again, she says she wanted to find out why it happened without initiating a conversation with the ghoster. And news of her survey has gone viral after her friend and fellow student Abby Govindan shared it on Twitter.

The questions Miller asks are pretty straightforward, stuff like “What is wrong with Katie?,” “What’s wrong with you?,” and if they would “refer Katie to a friend.” She also asks if they would “like to remain on the mailing list” if “another opportunity opens up.”

And she says not every guy has responded, but the ones who have so far are nice.

Abby says she admires her friend’s candidness and bravery and her nonchalant approach to breakups and lots of Twitter users agree, with some even saying they should start giving their exes exit surveys, too. Katie says she just hopes the responses give her something to improve on so dating can be less confusing. At least it’s getting her name out there more…?

Charlie Munson

Charlie Munson

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