Chicago Cubs Closer Injures Back Taking Off His Pants

Yesterday we told you that the Giants lost their star closer Hunter Strickland for 6-8 weeks when he broke his hand punching angrily punching a door. And just one day later we have a kinder, clumsier injury that will cost the Cubs their closer about two weeks. Because Chicago Cubs closer Brandon Morrow has only his pants t blame for his injury. Yup, his pants.

Because he may be a professional athlete, but Morrow puts his pants on just like me and you—one leg at a time.  Only thing is, he may need to start doing it differently after suffering a back injury as a result of taking down his pants that landed him on the 10-day disabled list yesterday morning.

"Just undressing at my house," Morrow, who has 16 saves this season, told reporters on Tuesday. "Like 3 a.m., in the closet, got my right leg off. Left one just felt like a spasm in my back. It's frustrating any time you can't get out there, especially when you can't go because of something stupid like taking your pants off. "Getting hurt any time's frustrating, but when it's not related to throwing a baseball it's even that much more frustrating."

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