Health Benefits Of Camping

How long has it been since you spent the night out under the stars? Camping has never been easier thanks to sites like Hip Camp that let you book a campsite with all the amenities you want and Tentrr that goes one step beyond and rents you a fully furnished and setup campsite, so they do the work for you. And if you’re not so sure about getting back to nature for a night, check out these science-backed health benefits of camping and get ready to get outdoors.

You've never felt so chill - When you’re ready for a mental detox, get out in the woods. A new study from Japan finds that walking around in a forested area can decrease levels of the stress hormone cortisol, slow pulse rate, and reduce blood pressure. And that’s only after 15 minutes, imagine how great you’ll feel after a night out in nature!

You'll sleep like a baby - Just one weekend sleeping outdoors can reset your body clock, so you drift off earlier and wake up more refreshed, according to new research. It’s all about light exposure, since we’re inside all day, we don’t get much natural sunlight during the day and we get lots of artificial light at night, which messes with our body clocks. But during a camping trip, we’re exposed to 13-times brighter daytime light and less light at night and good sleep is our reward.

It boosts your immunity - Scientists found being around nature gives your body a chance to build up your immune system, because when the body is relaxed, it can focus energy on the systems that bring long-term health benefits, like immunity.

A walk in the woods feels like less work - Not only is hiking or running on a trail while camping a lot more fun than hitting the gym, a recent study finds that exercising outside makes people even more energized and happier.

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