Mom Googles Symptoms, Saves Daughter’s Life

A mother’s intuition is a powerful tool and a mother from England recently relied on hers and ended up saving her daughter’s life because of it. Laura Handley noticed bruises and red marks on her daughter Tazmin’s body, but she initially blew them off as her clumsiness. She also ignored complaints about night sweats and muscle pain, but then she read a tragic story that got her attention.

Handley read about 13-year-old James O’Mara, who died only a week after being diagnosed with blood cancer. His symptoms included bruises and red marks, like her daughter’s, and it left the mom with a feeling that something was definitely wrong. The next day she took Tazmin in for a checkup and learned that her daughter had leukemia.

"If it wasn't for me stumbling across that article, then we would never have gone to the doctors, and who knows whether or not she would have pulled through," Handley explains. "We knew it was full-blown leukemia, and were absolutely terrified.”

But now after two rounds of chemo and a bone marrow transplant, little Tazmin is in remission. And mom says hearing that was “just the best news” ever.

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