Random Facebook Post Helps Woman Survive Breast Cancer

Reading a random Facebook post written by a stranger helped save Jayne Dandy’s life. The 51-year-old read a warning shared by her Weight Watcher’s coach written by cancer survivor Hayley Browning. Browning’s life-saving tip was to do a breast self-exam while lying down, instead of when standing up, in order to do a thorough check.

Dandy did hers that night the way Browning recommended and discovered a lump, which turned out to be stage 3 breast cancer. After a mastectomy and chemo, she has recently been given the all-clear, and she says she’s “eternally grateful” to Browning for sharing her story. And she’s not the only one who was saved by that post.

“Not only is it fantastic that 30 people contacted me to let me know they had found their lump because of my post and have since had the treatment for breast cancer,” Browning explains. “But it’s brilliant that so many millions of people are now more aware of the importance of checking their breasts because of my post, especially checking lying down.”

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