McMahon Will Require XFL Players To Stand For Anthem

Of course you’ve heard by now that Vince McMahon is bringing back the XFL.

But it seems like his main strategy for making his second shot at football work is taking multiple shots at the NFL in the process.

And the first one will be his take on something that has plagued the NFL for the past two seasons—kneeling for the national anthem.

And the XFL will have none of that according to a recent interview McMahon did with Sports Business Journal telling the pub he wants to take a more family friendly approach.

“We want to entertain — that’s what we do,” McMahon said. “There are not going to be any politics involved with this thing. We’re not going to have any social issues involved. People want to be entertained. … It’s the entertainment value that sometimes is lost.”

Which is basically McMahon’s way of saying that he plans to force players to stand for the national anthem, not to mention the XFL’s new logo features the same colors as the American flag.

But family friendly means some other things, like the fact that he says he will not hire players who have arrest records.


I commend him on the example he is trying to set, but let’s face it, that is how he would probably get some of his best players—and Johnny Manziel.

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