Dentist Gives Veteran $15k Of Dental Work For Free

After retired Air Force Staff Sergeant David Tyler Harmon met Dr. David Nguyen at the gym and found out he was a dentist, the veteran booked an appointment to get a cleaning. But when Dr. Nguyen took a look at Harmon’s teeth, he saw a lot of issues.

The dentist found cracked teeth, crowding, and an infection in his gum tissue, which needed immediate attention. And when he overheard Harmon talking about sending the paperwork to the VA, Dr. Nguyen knew that could take months and didn’t think these dental issues could wait.

But the work was going to cost more than Harmon anticipated - $15,000 in all. Because of head trauma he received during multiple tours on active duty and grinding his teeth, his mouth was in bad shape. But the dentist offered to do the dental work for free, as a gift of gratitude.

“All veterans are heros,” Dr. Nguyen explains. “They give up so much for this country and for whatever I can do to help them just a little bit, it’s all worth it to me.”

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