Town Council Bans Funny Epitaph

Cemeteries aren't generally the place to go for a laugh, but one man in England wanted his epitaph to be more lighthearted than the rest. And now the late Maurice Brown's family is in a battle with the local Derbyshire town council because they think is sense of humor is "not appropriate" for the graveyard.

Brown, who died at the age of 87, wanted his epitaph to be the poem that reads: "When I am laid to rest with a tombstone upon my chest/ the six words I would like to see/ are 'the little bugger did his best.'" The problem? Council thinks the word "bugger" is off limits.

Brown's grandson Lewis Ryan explains the word is part of the slang from where his grandpa grew up and it was his "dying wish" for his epitaph to reflect that. While councilor Dave Bramwell "understands" the sentiment, they're sticking to their decision so now, there's just a blank slab at Brown's grave.

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