This Exercise Bike Stops Playing Netflix When You Stop Pedaling

Sometimes we need a little motivation to tackle the tasks we don’t really want to do, like exercising. So many of us have found that watching TV while working out is a good way to push us to keep going. The only problem is, it’s easy to lose focus and stop moving while we’re wrapped up in our stories on the screen.

That’s why Ronan Byrne’s invention is so brilliant. This guy created something called the Cyclix, an exercise bike that only plays Netflix while you’re pedaling it. Slow down or stop and your TV turns off. How’s that for motivation?

Byrne came up with the invention when he was teaching himself to code and here’s how it works. His device connects his stationary bike to a computer and he inputs how long he wants to cycle for, how fast he wants to go, and then chooses something to watch on Netflix. The video will only play if he maintains his goal speed. Slowing down or stopping will send a warning and pause the video.

 So we need this invention in our lives! As much as we know exercise is good for us and makes us stronger, many of us are still lazy and nothing will motivate us as much as potentially not being able to keep watching TV. Sadly, Byrne isn’t selling the Cyclix, he’s just releasing instructions on building one yourself.

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